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The participant’s name will not be revealed as there is no life meter. As soon as the participant’s name is registered with the Jelly Truck Cool Math, they will find a notion about what tasks are next to come. Following the registration is done, the Jelly Truck will be prepared for its travel. Therefore, you can already move along your lane and execute the task of getting to wherever you want to go.

It is somewhat unusual to see out precisely what the Jelly will probably be up to. It all starts with finding out a place to travel to. Next, the participant will be advised to locate a path, or you might want to follow a different one. Follow the directions which are given and try to search for the closest Jelly for you. The moment the player has picked up a new Jelly to follow, the goal is to drive it into the destination. The participant must do well if he wants to rescue his automobile from being busted.

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